CROSSMARK introduces intuitive real-time reporting technology

CROSSMARK’s StoreTrack technology is transforming the way field marketing agency staff operate

CROSSMARK has taken its commitment to customer service a step further by introducing unique, live reporting technology across its merchandising business nationally. 


StoreTrack is a CROSSMARK proprietary, web based and app enabled technology, which allows clients and campaign managers to track the status of campaigns in real-time, removing manual paper-based processes for greater accuracy and efficiency.  StoreTrack lets clients track results and view photos as soon as a field team member reports their work.


Reporting methodologies in the field merchandising industry have until now been notoriously labour intensive with the industry relying on clunky and outdated processes that don’t always reflect the level of detail involved in a campaign.  CROSSMARK’s new mobile enabled technology provides unprecedented transparency with the ability to instantly receive live updates by simply logging into the StoreTrack Live dashboard via a PC or smart device at any time.


According to Mark Damen, General Manager – Merchandising, CROSSMARK New Zealand, “All CROSSMARK merchandising field teams have transitioned to the StoreTrack technology that is accessed via an app - recently the winner of the 2017 Asia-Pacific Stevie Silver Award- that staff download onto their mobile device.  Individuals then simply log-in to receive assigned instructions which can include checking job details, auto routing to ensure the most efficient travel times, confirming campaign deadlines and even verifying what a campaign needs to look like in-store using bespoke instructional images.  Once the visits are completed, live updates are then instantly relayed to the StoreTrack Live dashboard for clients and CROSSMARK field management teams to review and track.”


The StoreTrack app and StoreTrack Live dashboard can be tailored to reflect individual campaigns, which could include setting daily or weekly tasks, uploading instruction templates, managing budgets or other store level installation details.  The ability to upload photos is particularly beneficial as staff can see exactly what an installation needs to look like and they can then share a photo of what they have delivered.  This visual reinforcement helps remove the margin for errors and allows instant problem solving with the ability for any issues to be fixed instantaneously.


CROSSMARK has been using the StoreTrack mobile technology in other markets and recently introduced the live StoreTrack dashboard to New Zealand.  With most people today using handheld mobile devices, the technology is a natural industry progression that is easy and intuitive to use.  Clients and managers can even let staff know when they’ve done a good job using the StoreTrack ’like’ function.


CROSSMARK’s StoreTrack technology is transforming the way field marketing agency staff operate, delivering greater value and helping to forge more positive, collaborative and transparent partnerships with clients and retailers alike.